Sunday, March 18, 2012

Travel Day

After dinner we had some free time so the group split up, some went to the Hancock Observatory and some went to a hookah bar called Samah.

On Saturday morning we all woke up, with shining faces, and met up at the bishop... AT SIX-THIRTY AM..... Then we all piled in safely, and everyone but the front two rows fell asleep. zzzzzzzzz
Once we reached Madison, we stopped for lunch, and everyone felt like a hibernating bear. Stiff, sore, and groggy! We re-packed ourself in the van, and drove on towards Chicago. In the distance, we could see the skyline for about 40 minutes while we sat in traffic, so frustrating! But then again, we decided to drive in on St. Patricks Day... We saw some lovely things, including but not limited to:
-lots of green
-a green river
-people 'frolicking' in the streets
-a big kosher hot dog dancing
-a female dancing and licking the van window.... no lie...

First, some of us got ready, and then we went on the L train and saw some very interesting characters running through the streets, flash mob?? We went and passed the cheesecake factory and went on the fastest elevator in North America, it only took 40 seconds to get to the 94th floor. Our ears popped and it was mildly uncomfortable, but cool. And when we got to the top it was totally worth it because it took my breath away! So cool at night and we could see the carousel at Navy pier, so we'll go there later. On the way down our ears popped again and we HAD to stop by the cheesecake factory and pick up a few slices. I got the best cake, compared to everyone else, it was reese's peanut butter cup, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
It was totally worth $8.
On the way back on the L train, we experienced true Chicago... yep.

On the other side of town:
 The rest of use went to a hookah bar had a really laid-back atmosphere with seating on cushions on the floor and curtains you could draw to make it a more private experience. It was a really fun opportunity to sit back and just chat with new people about the trip, art, and social change. Hey that's what our trip is about!!

We all came back by curfew and tucked in bed, already anticipating the next day's activities : )

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