Monday, March 19, 2012

Lots of Love for Little Black Pearl

Today was our first day of our mission of service. After a short "L" ride we arrived in the south side of  Chicago with the destination of Little Black Pearl. Little Black Pearl is a non-profit organization, that is a beam of hope in an economically destiute area. It seems to be functioning amazingly with support of the community and ample corporate sponsors. It is an ever-expanding project that has grown from a basement into a $10 million dollar facility, and incorporating a high school into its ambitious project as of this year.
Walking around the facility it seemed like an oasis in the neighborhood it was staged in, which is a testament to the success and the support the foundation has had. The organization offers a variety of art opportunities: glass blowing, ceramics, sculpture, after school programs, a recording studio, and a varitey programs for high school students. Our tour made me envy the students who were in attendance. After a short lunch break we had an opportunity to lend or service to the organization by cleaning and framing some photos. However, for me, this trips has been less about about the actual service but rather seeing how art can be integrated into the community and being introduced to this by serveral organizations that have been successful in this pursuit, and Little Black Pearl is a prime example of this.

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